New Jersey DWI Seminar, May 16-17, 2014:

“I had the opportunity to attend a two-day seminar on SFST’s and blood, and found the content to fresh and extensive and the instructors to be exciting and energetic. The level of information given and the time spent on each subject rivals that taught by certain national DUI organizations.”  – Anonymous

“Just wanted to drop you a note about how much I enjoyed the recent SFST and blood seminar that you sponsored.  Having taught this course at law school for many years, I really appreciate the amount of work it takes to prepare these presentations.  There was something in this recent seminar for everyone regardless of your level of practice.  Deandra Grant was great at taking complex scientific principles and making them easy for a lay person to understand…I look forward to your next seminar.” – J.S.

Seattle Joshua Karton Seminar, May 16-17, 2014:

“I’m sorry I didn’t have the opportunity to thank you in person on Saturday, but I really appreciate you hosting and putting on the training. I found it very useful and am glad I had the opportunity to attend.” – P.V.

“Thank you, Linda Callahan, for hosting the Josh Karton seminar.   Your office is a warm and comfortable environment for this and you were a gracious hostess.  For those of you who missed it, Josh is the pre-eminent instructor on using voice and body language to communicate effectively in the courtroom.  He believes that 7% of communication is comprised of word content, 38% is vocal quality, and 55% is body language.  Lawyers are usually taught to rely on our choice of words, ie to employ logic and reason. But Karton believes that logic and reason ultimately are weak vehicles of persuasion. He believes that large verdicts are driven by emotion, and that we cannot incite emotion with word choices alone.

If any of you get the opportunity to attend a Karton CLE I highly recommend it.  And if you get to do it at Linda’s office, it’s a double bonus. “ – M.M.

Intoxilyzer Workshop:

“Great materials…great information!” – Lynn

“Very informative and useful!” – Anonymous

“In depth discussion of topics usually not given enough discussion in normal CLE!” – Manuel

Trial Skills Workshop:

“I love the one-on-one…the rule of threes, moving with a purpose and painting a picture!” – Jason

“I loved the break outs – hands on experience.  Also, cites to reading materials ie. books and authors, and real case stories by seasoned attorneys.” – Catherine

“All speakers were very genuine and accepting allowing us to feel free to perform, ask questions and be open to constructive feedback.  Loved the enthusiasm and war stories making the examples real.” – Stephanie

“The jury selection, cross examination and closings were where I win most of my cases.  I can always use more ideas on those other areas, but I’m really bad at opening and other parts of the trial.  This helped a lot.” – Doug

“Loved learning about the MacCarthy method.  Loved the anecdotes and examples from practical experience.” – Anonymous

“Loved the practical practice pointers and that the instructors involved everyone.” – Sarah

“I attended your seminar back in February and let me tell you, the information I received from there was invaluable.  I [now] explain all of my cases in a detailed, colorful manner and try to paint a picture whenever I’m telling a story…In addition, I feel more relaxed when I tell my stories through the advice of going up there and explaining what happened as if you’re telling it to a family member.  I received my first Judgment of Acquittal yesterday but, from how the trial went and how comfortable I felt, I believed a “not guilty” was coming down the pike.” – Jerry